King is not a job description. He is an inner archtypal force.

Sadly, those who have worn the crown in our political history have more often failed to embody true Majesty.

In the absence of the authentically noble, organizing principle of the King guiding him, am man’s life fails to reflect his deepest purpose. He lives a life of quantum compromises that stifle his inner clarity and repress his fire.

The King within each of us coheres and organizes the resources available in service of the thriving of the Whole. He insures collaboration between the Warrior, the Lover, the Alchemist, and the Fool archetypes within the soul of a man.

Quite the opposite of many of our historical monarchs, the true King is utterly devoted to the thriving of the Kingdom. He is the only one in the Realm who can’t pass the buck. He claims complete responsibility for his experience and stewards it with unwavering gentleness.

Within every man a King is waking up. It’s already happening as we remember our mission and purpose on this planet.

The Rising Kings Movement is gathering a circle of such men in Paradise to awaken and activate our unique majesty soon. Will you be among us?

E ala e, Ali’i!

Awake! Arise, King!