The Rising Kings Movement is a community of men committed to their deepest levels of Compassion, Power, and Attuned Leadership.

We Believe That…

  • Men must remember we are Kings. Each man possesses the innate majesty and sovereign power to shape the world to a magnificent vision that benefits all.
  • The world needs Powerful and Dangerous Warrior Men who are committed to the Sacred Protectorship of all things good and beautiful.
  • Most men have mistaken their Sword for a weapon. They have either hidden it away or let it go dull hacking at the world in countless violent acts of selfishness. When a man understands the true meaning and precise use of his Sword he will restore Peace to his Realm.
  • Masculinity and male sexuality are fundamentally healing forces in this world. The pervasive and socially acceptable castration of male potency creates only deeper suffering for ALL beings.
  • Male liberation takes place through the embodiment and development of self. Our bodies are for more than labor and war. They are storehouses of deep wisdom and intimate intuitive intelligence, worthy of exquisite care and attention.
  • Iron sharpens iron. A King is only as good as his counsel. Men must surround themselves with other men who are committed to growth, potency, and leadership. Men spending meaningful time with other men will transform the world.
  • A True King knows his throne, and is unafraid to admit when he has fallen off of it.

The Core Team

Robert Schwenkler, Shuja De/Peace, and Joshua Hathaway are the core team at the Rising Kings Movement. They’ve been involved in men’s work and leadership development for a collective 3+ decades.

Our mission: To call forth all men who no longer accept the status quo of dominant culture, and who hunger for quantum steps toward self realization, self expression, and self liberation.

We exist to heal the rifts and wounds of masculinity and unlock each man’s innate Kingship for the benefit of ALL humanity.

We achieve this outcome by delivering the most potent, aligned, and high-value men’s trainings on the face of the planet.

Joshua Hathway


Joshua Hathaway, MA, is a Transformational Trickster, Trainer, Coach, and proud father.

He has 12 year’s experience teaching NonViolent Communication, private coaching and counseling with hundreds of individuals and couples, and leading Men’s Circles and retreats.

His No Bullsh!t brand communication trainings have been delivered extensively to private and corporate clients such as Zappos and LYFT.

He gently and humorously dismantles people’s Bullsh!t, delivers practical skill building tools, and facilitates experiences that bring home the power and value of connection.

Learn More About Joshua Here

Joshua Hathway

Gordon Xavier is a Conscious Communication Coach as well as a content creator.

He has 10 year’s of experience in the space of personal development and metaphysics, Gordon is an expert at helping people see disempowering blind spots, tap into their communicative potential, and create richer relationships with others and self.

Having amassed close to 30,000 subscribers and 2 million channel views on YouTube, his content has helped thousands of men and women transform their lives and initiate powerful spiritual awakenings.

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founding members and allies

Shuja De’Peace

Zackery Driver (known to friends as Shuja De’Peace) achieved his Master’s while incarcerated and continued to train in Non-Violent Communication, Somatics and social justice orientated studies upon release from over 8 years of incarceration.

He teaches yoga and leads meditation workshops and retreats around the world. Based in Tacoma, WA Shuja recently launched Awaken the Lion – a yoga lifestyle and clothing brand to elevate and serve all communities.

Shuja cultivates pride by teaching understanding, compassion and leadership with authenticity

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Robert Schwenkler

Robert Schwenkler is the founder of the Rising Kings Movement. He has lead men’s workshops internationally and coached private clients from around the world.

His core ethos on leadership is that true leaders do not create more followers, they create more leaders.

His life is dedicated to true Masculine Empowerment: To create a culture of Healing Masculinity that penetrates the fear and wounding we carry within our our hearts, lives, and world… leaving only life and beauty.

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Our Core Values

Autonomy and Sovereignty

Know your value. Share the truth of your experience. Complete freedom of expression for all beings.

Peace and Protectorship

Be aware of your impact on the Current of Life. Be in collaboration with others. Safety and protectorship are Sacred Responsibilities for every man.

Truth and Honesty

Speak your truth. The highest calling a man can follow is to be fully honest with himself and with others.

Financial Freedom

Strive for financial freedom. Generously spend and invest in ways that are in alignment with your Sacred Protectorship.

Sexual Expression

Express your desire without demand. You are a Sex Priest, a Magician, and a Beast. Male sexual expression is a powerful and beautiful creative force.

Healing and Reconciliation

Allow yourself to be seen, heard, and felt by others. Be in emotionally intimate connection with other men and women. Your fullest Potency and Benefit to the world are achieved through your own inner healing.

Trainings for Men

The Men’s Leadership Intensive is a world-class 30-Day training that propels men into their full Power and Clarity.


Open Your Heart. Ignite Your Leadership.

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Sign up for The Rising Kings Newsletter and receive our best content – vulnerable videos, incisive articles, and special invitations to events that will keep your heart open and your edge sharp.