Are You Ready to Thrive with us?!

Joshua and Gordon from The Rising Kings Movement would love for you to join us for the upcoming Global Master Cleanse. A 16 day Journey to support us all releasing what we no longer need as we Thrive into the next Season of Life.
Through step-by-step guidance, we will give you all the (uniquely crafted) recipes, rhythms, efficiency hacks, and encouragement you'll need to carry out this epic Quest carefully and well! We will be hosting daily community zoom sessions at 6am HI time to share the gold and dross of the journey, practice breathwork, somatic embodiment, introspection, and connect with other Journeyers and their experience. And we will be sharing videos and glimpses into our process as we cleanse with you!
Those who take the FULL PLUNGE will be drinking “just the juice” for 10 full days!
Why in God’s name would ANYONE want to do this to themselves?” you may be asking…
It turns out, for many thousands of years our Ancestors have practiced Fasting to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health, and as a Rite of Initiation into new levels of Kuleana (Sacred Responsibility) within the Tribe. If your experience is like many of those who have Fasted and Master Cleansed before you,
then you have an UNPRECEDENTED opportunity to create Results like these:

Possible Results:

  • DEEP RESET of Habitual Behaviors: dietary patterns and rhythms, sleep, self-care, emotional patterns, neurotic holding patterns in the body, self-limiting neuro-linguistic patterns, karmic patterns, ancestral patterns…
  • INCREASED CLARITY on Every Level: mental clarity, emotional clarity, clarity of purpose, clarity of intention, clarity of breath, intuitive sharpness, and clarity about what THRIVING looks and feels like to you.
  • LOOK & FEEL YOUNGER in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Through detoxification you will unblock pathways of vital creative energy. Many notice skin clearing of blemishes and some wrinkling often due to a pervasive form of hypo-hydration.
  • GROW LEANER through ten days of a kind of Ketosis, burning fat 24 hours a day.
  • INTESTINAL CLEANSING occurs as the digestive system ceases having to process solid food or fiber of any kind. The Holiday from all that hard work allows the system to turn its energy to self-repair and rebalancing.
  • HEALTHIER GALLBLADDER free of crystal mineral buildup that can eventually give rise to liver stones and other dis-ease.
  • RE-CULTURE YOUR GUT BIOME with pre- and pro-biotic supplementation and diet re-integration after the Fast and Flush.
  • FREEDOM TO THRIVE! Freedom from sticky addictive patterns which have dogged you for years and sapped your Life Force.
  • A NEW SCRIPT for the next Season of your Life that is inspired by your most authentic Dreams, your most precious Gifts, and your most courageous sense of Devotional Purpose.
  • AN AMAZING COMMUNITY of people committed to healing, evolving, and living in more joy and wonder every day.
  • AWAKENING After ascending through some of the denser regions of the cleanse, you will very likely experience a deeper sense of Wholeness, Clarity, and PRESENCE in the Here and Now than you typically inhabit. It’s actually quite Blissful.
  • “BLISSCIPLINE” Through committing yourself to the protocols and disciplines of the cleanse process, you may discover that it becomes MUCH EASIER to do the things that are uncomfortable, but consistently support the quiet, pervading Bliss that blossoms in your chest when you are loving yourself well.

What The GMC Journey to Thriving Includes:

  1. THRIVE MANUAL: Detailed start-to-finish dietary Instructions and Protocols developed over 16 years of experimentation with the Master Cleanse and the Liver/Gall Bladder Flush, delivered as a living, growing digital Guidebook you can keep for future reference.
  2. BREATHING & SOMATIC PRACTICES that will support you to ground and integrate the Cleanse experience into your Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Life.
  3. COMMUNITY: A community of like-hearted Souls seeking to Cleanse, Heal, and Grow
  4. COMPANIONSHIP: You will have the option to join with a friend or friend group (or find a new Ally in the group) to work through every step of the cleanse process alongside, and share challenges and triumphs.
  5. GUIDED INTROSPECTION: Daily Journal prompts to support your reviewing Mental, Emotional, Behavioral and Relational Patterns you’re ready to Transform, Document your Journey, and map out the more Beautiful Future you’re making room for.
  6. EMBODIMENT DOJO: Daily Zoom Sessions bringing the community together to practice Intention Setting, Breathwork, Somatic Emotional Release, Tapping and Affirmations, Qi Gong, Grounding, & Contemplative Technologies.
  7. GENE KEYS & ESOTERIC TRANSMISSIONS applying Ancient and Emergent Wisdom Streams and Technologies to align the Whole Being in the Physical & Soul Upgrades.
  8. GRIEVING & FORGIVENESS Practices that will support the detoxification of Past Relationships and personal Traumas to make room for the Miracles to Come!
  9. ENERGETIC CIRCULATION EXERCISES to open and heal neural and subtle energetic pathways in the bioelectric circuitry of the body.
  10. LUNAR GUIDANCE from the ancient Hawaiian Moon Calendar through the Phases of the Cleanse Journey.

The Timeline:

~Between now and Day Zero, the 6th of September~

Those who commit to the Global Master Cleanse will be preparing themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, to begin a deep purification process, and we will hold an Opening Gathering to clarify our Intentions and ask any final questions.

~September 6th~

The Rising Kings Movement will host our first Ohana Opening Ceremony Call for final prep and encouragement to start fasting on the 7th.

~Starting September 7th~

Our GMC Ohana will be consuming a gallon and a half of Master Cleanse Nectar and other various elixirs for 10 FULL DAYS of gut cleansing and restoration.

~On Day September 17th~ 

We will complete the Liver/Gallbladder Flush protocols with a Coffee Enema, take a photo of some crazy SH!T to send to “that friend,” and slowly begin to integrate more fiber into our nourishment.

~September 17th-20th~ 

We will carefully and patiently reintroduce the foods that we choose as the cornerstone of our most vibrant and healthy life moving forward.

~September 20th~ 

We Celebrate our Healing, our Beautiful Bodies, our New Habits, and the Life we get to lead moving forward.

Challenges You’ll Likely Face:

  • Hunger: When you go from bulky foods to only liquid, there is an adjustment phase! You will feel hunger at times. And you will be delighted by what happens to that hunger as you ascend through the Cleanse process.
  • Grumpiness/Emotional Dips: At different phases of the cleansing, and partly induced by the interrupted psychological obsessions/distractions we are mostly unconscious of around food, you will get to feel some frustration, anger, sadness, hopelessness and fear. This is totally natural and a very important aspect of the purification process. The better we get at meeting our emotions with patience and embodied love, the more easily and quickly we move through them.
  • Headaches: It happens. Not to everyone. And less to those who prepare their bodies well ahead of the cleanse. As the chemistry of your body shifts and the blood sugar recalibrates, headaches can occur. Give yourself rest and meet the pain with gentleness, and it will pass.
  • Tiredeness/Wooziness: There are phases where you will be shocked by the quality and quantity of energy you have for what matters most to you. And there are phases where standing up can be a bit dizzying and your momentum crashes.
  • Mental Poop: Yeah. As the fat cells within the body release what they’ve been storing up for you, some very interesting chemistry can produce some interesting and sometimes uncomfortable thought forms. We will be with you every step of the way to weed the garden and plant the fruits and flowers and trees of your dreams.
  • The Compulsion to Quit: This one hits all of us the first few days of the fast. When your body is still like, “WTF dude!? Where’s the beef?” Third day is a doozie for many. It gets easier and easier as the process continues. The mind will come up with all kinds of compelling reasons to bail. There ARE legitimate reasons to end the fast early if you are experiencing intense and potentially dangerous side effects. And none of us will judge you if that’s the path you choose, as a Sovereign Being. Just know that the ego is built to restore its comfort zone, so it will not be your best counsel in regards to the Fierce Determination it takes to cross the rough patches of the Cleanse.

Real Talk:

Joshua and Gordon are not medical professionals, nor are we nutritionists, nor are we qualified in any way to diagnose your physical predispositions towards cleansing. We take no professional or personal responsibility for the decisions you make during the next few weeks and the consequences of those decisions on your well being. Neither for better, nor for worse.

We are just two men who understand, from experience, the value of ancient spiritual protocols of cleansing and purification. Two guys who know for CERTAIN that we, ourselves, are ripe to cleanse. Two fellow path-walkers, just like you, who see many auspicious Omens guiding us to do so at this time.

We are stewarding and sharing an Intentional Community Space where people from every conceivable background have been called together for companionship and support to heal.

We are stewarding and sharing Valuable Protocols and Information that can profoundly support someone—who is ALREADY deeply committed to detoxing—doing that in a careful and self-loving way.

We are stewarding and sharing Breath, Sound, and Movement Practices which will support more Physical grounding, more efficient Emotional Clearing, deeper Mental Reorganization, and truly UNPRECEDENTED Relational and Spiritual Integration of the austerities of this Fast.

And we want you to know that you will NEVER BE COERCED into doing any of the practices we share here. Because the Rising Kings take an unwavering STAND FOR CONSENT. And there is no True Consent that is not Informed Consent.

Know the options and listen to your Inner Guidance. Every step of the way, baby.

Our main goal is to share our accumulated experience and information to support you making informed decisions regarding how you consent to participate in the cleansing your Soul may be calling you towards.

And we will be most thrilled if you decide to join the Movement to THRIVE!


The Rising Kings Movement is growing towards becoming a pure Gift Economy. We are just so freaking excited to share this precious Master Cleanse with you that we would joyfully do it for free. We would accept whatever you felt authentically called to Give, but only AFTER you have experienced the QUALITY and RESULTS of our support. The dilemma we face here is that we want to make sure that anyone who signs up for this Journey is really committed to see the process through to the most careful completion. And humans tend to value what they actually invest in.

So we have created three tiers of Investment to suit different economic needs and to support all of our Master Cleansers to put their Mana where their mouth is. We ask that you give at the amount you can afford that stretches you into feeling even more truly committed to staying engaged with the process. At the end of the cleanse, we will invite everyone to consider what your results are truly worth to you and either give more or let us give you your money back.

As the Sovereigns of our respective Realms, we are aware that the outcomes in our lives are the results what we GIVE far more than what we GET. In this spirit, we encourage you to find your own version of a generous buy-in, knowing that you can claim it all back in the end if you're not satisfied.

Our Heartfelt Guarantee to you is that you will either get AWESOME results from following the protocols and engaging the community and practices, or we will give you your Buy-In back. Refunds will be given, without complaint, to anyone who completes every phase of the process and still doesn't feel satisfied with their results.