the kings are gathering and you are invited

During these two hour long virtual Activations we cultivate deeper inner Coherence among within ourselves and stronger bonds between men and leaders from all walks of life. We gather to enhance the most important dimensions of our lives through experimentation, practice, and connection with other men committed to growth and evolution.

The basic format for each call is as follows:

  • Welcome King!
  • Breathwork
  • Embodiment Practice (moderate intensity)
  • Agreements & Intentions
  • Themed Transmission
  • Dyad/Small Group Inquiry
  • Direct Individual Coaching
  • Harvest & Closing

These FREE, monthly Zoom calls will be a potent opportunity for the emerging male leaders of the New Earth to connect, cross-pollinate, and strengthen and sharpen our capacity to deeply embody our values at all times.

🔱We gather to cohere the various spheres of our lives into a harmonious and generative Whole.

🔱 We align Bodies, Hearts, and Minds to activate vibrant health, sexual/creative vitality, and our unique genius.

🔱We align our Values, Vision, and Habits to awaken true Prosperity and build Legacy.

🔱 We align the trident of Deep Listening, Vulnerable Honesty, and Penetrating Feedback

to become ever more masterful communicators.

🔱We align ALL of our Relationships to resonate with greater Joy and amplify what matters most to us.

The tools and technologies we cultivate together guide us toward greater Mastery in every meaningful relationship of our lives,

and support this growing Movement of Rising Kings to embrace our true Majesty more humbly and unapologetically every day.